The Obstacle is the Teacher

old ways won’t open new doors

Our modern way of life provides us with many benefits especially regarding food, transportation, communication, and technology. However, our pace of living is rather frantic and we are constantly bombarded with multiple choices (and paradoxes) when it comes to love, career, and money; which can cloud the way we think and feel. Yes… modern life is convenient but there is a high price to pay for this comfort: anxiety!

Whether we’re facing a major life crisis or wanting to unpack the trauma of our childhood, this anxiety can get out of hand and oftentimes paralysis ensues. In such painful situations how change can occur is extremely difficult to imagine.

Psychotherapy is a process to help us change; seek our authentic self, develop our relationships with others, and to learn how to regulate our nervous system.

The old stigma attached to psychotherapy is slowly fading away. Psychotherapy used to be solely associated with mental illness, nowadays psychotherapy is also seen through the Wellness Paradigm: a tool to examine our lives and the obstacles we are facing. It’s about broadening our choices & self-regulating our nervous system.

The psychotherapist is a travelling companion helping us to fully embrace life in all its beauty and contradictions.

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